Two Year Recap


The short recap of where I’ve been for the past 2 years.

On February 29, 2012, I quit my job at Summersault working on I was struggling with RSI and the work wasn’t fulfilling. The backend was a mess and the project had no direction. I had butted heads with other developers over some issues repeatedly and no progress was being made. My plan was to take some time off to rest my arms and look at some startup ideas.

That plan literally lasted one day. On March 1 an old college friend contacted me asking if I wanted to come work at her new startup. Over the next 6 months we made progress, but funding dried up and the product died in a private beta. Professionally, the best things to come out of it were that I got to say I was a professional Ruby developer and that I had experience working remote.

From there, I transitioned into my current role as a remote developer for InfernoRed Technology. I’m back in the .NET world, which still feels weird. I hadn’t owned a single machine running Windows since 2008. Now I’m writing Windows 8.1 apps. It also broke my streak of not having professional experience with a new job’s primary language. I went from C# -> Perl -> Ruby -> Python -> C#. (Yeah, there was a brief Python foray in there.)

The real purpose of this post was to get back into the swing of writing and publishing. Over the past couple of years I have started writing several posts, but never finished. I’m a creature of habit, and if I don’t include writing in my regular routine, it just doesn’t happen. Hopefully this is a new start.