Obsidian with Dataview Lightning Talk


tl;dr; My lightning talk on personal knowledge management with Obsidian and Dataview is up on YouTube.

Back in January I went to my tenth CodeMash. In an effort to continue branching out in uncomfortable directions, I gave a lightning talk for the first time. It was recorded and supposed to end up on YouTube, but for some reason never did.

I was really happy with how it went though, so when VirtualCoffee announced their 2023 lightning talks, I signed up. It helped that the talk was already done, so the amount of prep I had to do was extremely minimal.

The talk is really just an extension of a post from late last year on aggregating weekly notes. Most of the work was an afternoon putting together a demo vault for sharing. I highly recommend intalling Obsidian and pulling down the repo if you’re interested in experimenting.

Many thanks to the amazing folks at VirtualCoffee for putting on the event and curating such an amazing community!