Brian Meeker speaking at CodeMash 2020

From Punch Cards to Git: A Brief History of Version Control

Believe it or not, there was a time before Git. Even longer ago, there was a time before version control. In this conference session, we will discuss version control systems of yesteryear, such as SCSS and RCS, file locking, versioning, the Darcs patch theory, the history of version control, different paradigms, and the future of version control.

Recording: CodeMash 2020
Slides: GitHub

Taming Personal Knowledge Management with Obsidian and Dataview

Obsidian allows you to take notes entirely in Markdown. Dataview lets you query metadata in those notes. Come learn how you can use them to track your life for fun and (no) profit!

Demo Vault: GitHub

It’s a Live(View): Discover the Elixir of Life With a Virtual Pet

Are you tired of writing JavaScript? Are you only using Node to avoid context shifting between languages? Good news! In recent years there has been an explosion in developer options for creating rich, real-time browser-based apps with little to no JavaScript!

This session will give a brief overview of Elixir and then create a virtual pet app using Phoenix LiveView. You’ll leave the session knowing the pros and cons of this model vs. traditional JavaScript frameworks and a virtual pet who will provide you with unconditional love until you forget to feed it for too long.

Scheduled for THAT Conference WI 2023